N8ion Wise Entertainment (NWE) was established in the year 2015, a 100% black owned company that started off as a sound hiring company offering proficient services.  N8ion wise entertainment hires out events equipment’s such as Sound, lighting, stage, Mobile toilet, Mobile fridge and Tents. Our approach is to be honest and factual with the aim of building long term relationship with our clients.

We cater to a wide variety of events from corporate to clubs, wedding, traditional functions, birthdays, funerals, Excelling in the small to medium size event and ensuring that whatever we do is done at the highest standard and with the best of our intention. Our working ethics is; love what you do, and it shows on our working bases, work with us and you will not be disappointed.

N8ion Wise Entertainment (NWE) has the team of industrial professionals ensuring your project is driven with passion, profession and perfection. The company is looking to make itself a brand in the music sector. We consistently add new industrial standard gear to our collection to maintain our standard of effectiveness.

We overview the event before it can be animated, we draft down the possibility with the client until him/her is satisfied

N8ion Wise Entertainment is a developing company and our mission is to make sure that people always receive excellent quality service upon N8ion Wise Entertainment services.


Nationwise Entertainment possesses a multidisciplinary talent and collective experience in excess in the Entertainment Industry Community. Our mission is to create employment opportunities and to mentor upcoming talented into this type of business


Through our enterprise and supplier development initiatives, we have set up solid structures and relationships, namely, with eThekwini Municipality, Government departments, and other state Owned Enterprises.


Nationwise Entertainment currently operating in KwaZulu Natal (Durban- Umlazi).Over the years we have been considered as the one of the best service provider by our clients, community and youth owned enterprises. With reference of eThekwini Municipality, Department of Social Development


We are blessed with highly dedicated, qualified, motivated and experienced staff

N8tionwise has a strong sense of Corporate Social Responsibility that prides itself in facilitating tangible and practical solutions to communities at rural, semi-rural and urban areas

We maintain service excellence

We are a motivated team

Our business is managed by young determined and experienced, passionate, ambitious and dynamic Director therefore we are determined that we will have lot of business opportunities out there. Considering of the fact that N8ion Wise Entertainment has been a successful business from the day it start operating. Regarding that due to the business growth, it creates more job opportunity. N8ion Wise Entertainment will kindly appreciate the funds in order that the public get the proper service to what is expected. December is one of the mostly generated income month and therefore N8ion Wise Entertainment cannot miss out the opportunity of traveling aboard to make a greater income.

KwaZulu Natal
R 874 Durban Umlazi 4066
Phone: 073 708 6709
Fax: 031 906 1939